missing-toothHow important is your smile? How much do you care about your teeth? Could you imagine the possibility of losing one? Have you ever stopped to think that, during any type of physical sport, there is a real possibility of losing one or more of your teeth?

If you participate in sports, such as football, basketball, softball, wrestling, basically any organized sport; it is important to consider wearing a mouthguard. Athletes who do not wear a mouthguard, are 60 times more likely to injure their teeth, jaw, or even tongue. The best mouthguards for sports are ones that are custom made by Los Gatos dentist Dr. Nancy Nehawandian.

Save your smile

Mouthguards are a soft plastic device used for protecting your inner mouth; your teeth, gums and tongue. In any type of physical sport, without protection you run the risk of harming these vital parts of your smile. A custom fitted mouthguard for sports is extremely important for those who have braces or bridge work. A mouthguard is an essential part of your athletic gear.

Improve your performance

Mouthguards work in more ways than you think. Studies have shown that, when wearing a mouthguard, athletes exceeded their performance compared to when they were not wearing one. Psychologically, without a mouthguard we naturally hold back in fear of possible trauma. When using a mouthguard, we have less fear, and more confidence level with translated into a better athletic performance. Researchers also believe that because wearing a mouthguard for sports mimics chewing, it increases blood flow to the areas of our brain associated with memory, awareness, motor control, timing, and fear.

Lessen the risk

Why take the risk? If you participate in any form of competitive sports, consider using a mouthguard for protection and safety. What’s there to loose? Nothing! What’s there to gain? Protection, power and performance.