You’ve received a beautiful new set of dentures! Thanks to modern dentistry and technology, Fountain of Youth (FOY®) Dentures are natural-looking, bright, and beautiful, and they address the common issues associated with older types of dentures.

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, poorly fitted and unattractive. They can even make you look older, which seems counterintuitive for dentures, right? With FOY® Dentures, however; you can look and feel younger.

And now that you’ve got your dentures, there’s no need to visit the dentist. Or is there?

Older man sits in a dental care, awaiting his exam. Even with dentures you should schedule a routine exam to take care of your oral health.

Caring for Your New Set of Teeth

FOY® Dentures can be permanent with the help of dental implants, which means you don’t need to brush them with toothpaste. When paired with dental implants, FOY® Dentures even stimulate the jaw as natural teeth do, which mitigates issues including jawbone deterioration associated with traditional dentures. Still, you need to take great care of your dentures, gums and the rest of your mouth to ensure you have great oral health. And, as we know well, your oral health is tied to your overall health. If one suffers, the other does, too. That’s why Dr. Nehawandian is dedicated to holistic dentistry and caring for your whole body – not just what’s happening inside your mouth.

Plaque builds up naturally in the mouth, so just because you don’t have any more natural teeth doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about plaque. Plaque buildup can lead to periodontitis, or gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease will wear away the bone in your jaw.

So, yes, you still need to schedule routine exams if you have FOY® Dentures. Our team of dental hygienists will check your mouth and gums, identify anything that may cause problems in the future and keep an eye on how your dentures are faring. Though FOY® Dentures are custom-fit to your mouth and won’t slip out or loosen like traditional dentures, they still benefit from regular check-ups.

Plus, even for patients who don’t wear dentures, a dental check-up isn’t just for your teeth. We can catch oral cancers and periodontal disease before they worsen, administering necessary preventive treatments.

Ensuring Your Mouth and Dentures Stay Healthy

If you’re ready to receive FOY® Dentures, have a question about caring for your new set of teeth or you need guidance on your path toward better oral health, the Los Gatos denture dentist at Top Down Dental can help. Please call (408) 354-5600 or contact us today.