When you meet someone new, it’s all about that first impression. And, we hate to say it, but, your smile plays a big part in how you’re viewed. A smile can show signs of aging with dark spots on your teeth and metal fillings or it can express youth with bright, pearly whites. Additionally, depending on the straightness and alignment of your teeth, those chompers could contribute to a sagging jawline or help keep your face taught.

Whiter Teeth Will Dazzle Your Peers

mature woman leans in, showing her happy, youthful smileWhitening your teeth can take years off of your smile! But don’t just take it from us. Studies show that white teeth can make you look at least five years younger. Additionally, your dazzling smile can give off an air of success.

However, we’ve heard unsatisfactory comments from our patients over the years about over-the-counter whitening methods and at-home remedies. So, if you’re considering whitening your teeth, we highly recommend getting professional tooth whitening services. When you visit Top Down Dental for teeth whitening, Dr. Nehawandian will ensure that you leave our office with brilliant, white teeth.

Get Rid of Those Metal Fillings

Metal fillings are a thing of the past, dating people in just one glance. Also, these fillings contain mercury, a toxic substance that is potentially harmful to your overall health. If you still have metal fillings on your teeth, now is the time to remove them. When you visit us in Los Gatos, we can replace your metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings instead.

We design these white fillings to fit your teeth and match their color perfectly. Additionally, the replacement will remove any metallic taste in your mouth from your old fillings. But, the best part is, nobody will even notice your tooth-colored fillings since they look just like your teeth.

Your Jawline Doesn’t Have to Sag

Lost or misaligned teeth can, unfortunately, make your jaw sag. On the other hand, when you have a full set of teeth, they help support your jaw and keep your cheeks tight. But, when your teeth loosen or fall out, your jaw loses its support system. In other words, your jaw bone doesn’t have any structure to rely on anymore.

In order to get the structure back for jaw support, you’ll have to replace lost teeth with dentures right away. We proudly use Fountain of Youth® Dentures for our patients, dentures that feel great and look even better.

Your Dentist in Los Gatos

If you want a younger-looking smile that gives a lasting impression, schedule a dental appointment with Top Down Dental in Los Gatos, California. Call our office at (408) 354-5600 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Nehawandian online to get the dazzling smile of your dreams.