Don’t like CPAP?  Surgery could be your alternative

cpap-alternativesDo you suffer from sleep apnea? Have you been prescribed the use of a CPAP machine in order to manage your symptoms? Have you found that using the CPAP is not relieving your symptoms or that you simply cannot tolerate it?

If you can identify with these problems, or if you have thought to yourself, ” I don’t like CPAP,” you may benefit from visiting a dentist in San Jose/Los Gatos in order to find out what the surgical alternatives to CPAP are.

Why surgery?

There are a number of surgical alternatives that are available, although most of the time medical professionals prefer that CPAP or other, less invasive treatments are tried before surgery becomes an option. However, there are some cases where surgery is actually one of the first things that should be considered. A perfect example is someone who has a particular jaw structure which makes it virtually impossible for the upper airway to remain clear during sleep. This may require surgery right away in order to sufficiently correct the problem and eliminate sleep apnea.

Surgery may be the answer for you

If you have tried several other treatment options and found little or no success you may still be able to qualify for surgical procedures. Some of the alternatives to using CPAP are to have some of the soft tissue in the back of your throat removed in order to provide more room in your upper airway so that it does not become as obstructed. You may be facing this type of surgery if you have enlarged tonsils or similar problems. Furthermore, other surgical procedures may be viable alternatives to CPAP. You may be able to undergo a procedure that is designed to basically reposition your jaw structure so that the jaw no longer slides when you are sleeping, partially cutting off your upper airway. You may also be able to get permanent implants that realign the structure of your jaw, effectively accomplishing the same goal.

Find out more

These surgical alternatives to CPAP are often possible for individuals who cannot tolerate the CPAP machine or who have tried other treatments and find that they have provided little relief for their sleep apnea. It may also be a viable option if you suffer from severe sleep apnea that is immediately life threatening. Furthermore, if you feel you have a jaw structure that would make you a good candidate for surgical alternatives to CPAP, do not hesitate to visit your dentist and have a consultation in order to determine if this type of treatment option would work better for you. If you have any comments please post them here, or, if you have any questions, ask me today and I’ll reply by tomorrow.