Are you looking for a great gift for someone who is hard to buy for? You might be considering cosmetic dentistry. But before you decide to commit to the idea, take some time to make sure you are prepared to give it right.

Give a Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry

Give the Gift They’ll Appreciate

Giving cosmetic procedures of any kind can be challenging. There’s always a risk that the recipient will take it the wrong way.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. If cosmetic dentistry is really the right gift, it can be done in a way that the recipient will appreciate and feel good about. Ask three questions to make sure this can be done right.

Is this what they really want? It’s one thing to notice a potential problem or concern about a loved one’s smile. That doesn’t mean they want to correct it. A gift should be about the recipient and not about what you want. You only want to give cosmetic dentistry if this is something they’ve talked about wanting. But if they have, then ask the next question.

What, specifically, do they want? You know the feeling of getting a gift that shows how little someone knows about you. It’s insulting and infuriating. It has the opposite effect a gift is supposed to: it makes you feel the giver doesn’t really care about you. Don’t make this mistake and give them teeth whitening when they really want veneers. Give the right gift, and if you don’t know the right gift, maybe it’s not the right choice. If it is the right gift, you’d know what they want because they’ve been talking about it.

Will this make them happy? Not everyone who has a problem with their smile will actually be happy if they get them fixed. Gauge their emotions when they talk about the subject. If you really think this will make them happy, then go forward with it. And when you give the gift, focus on that angle: you want to make them happy. They’re more likely to respond to the loving gesture than take it as criticism of themselves.

Find a Good Dentist

One valuable part of the gift is actually pre-screening dentists. Finding a good dentist is hard, and if you can take that off their plate, they will be happier.

Start by searching the Internet for dentists in your area. Check out the training, qualifications, and, above all, results on their websites. Then schedule appointments with the top three candidates. Usually, dentists offer free consultations for cosmetic procedures (we do!). Then you can settle on the one that you think is best and schedule a more detailed consultation with your loved one.

Go with Them

Chances are, your loved one is partly held back by embarrassment or anxiety. Otherwise, they likely would have gotten their concern addressed long ago. To overcome these issues, it really helps to have someone’s support.

That’s where you come in. Making sure your loved one truly benefits from cosmetic dentistry means helping them follow through on what they really want. If you’re not prepared to accompany them (if they want you to), then this isn’t the right gift.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you are considering getting a gift of cosmetic dentistry for someone special in your life, we can help you figure out what type of gift might be appreciated and help you get it for them.

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