The worst thing about the holiday party season is all the time you spend getting ready for each one. Finding the right outfit. Doing your makeup. Picking the right accessories. It can be just too much, and you may end up feeling exhausted before you even head out the door.

But maybe you could save yourself some of that time and energy if you got a smile makeover.

A Smile Makes You More Attractive Than Makeup

We know how the thought of going out without makeup makes you feel: panicked. But consider this: in a survey 75% of people said that a smile makes people more attractive than makeup. No matter how much time you spend on your makeup, people will probably be happier to see your smile, especially if you have the confidence to show it proudly.

A smile is a great accessory for any occasion!

And here’s another benefit of wearing a smile at the party: it can make you look younger and slimmer. Your smile can make you look even younger if your teeth are white, long, and healthy like youthful teeth.

And the same study that said smiles make you more attractive than makeup also said that smiling people without makeup were considered approachable, fun, and youthful. Unsmiling people with makeup were labeled moody, disinterested, and hostile.

People Remember Your Smile

We all know the old expression: dress for success. But it really should be smile for success, because your smile likely has more of an impact on first impressions. After a first meeting, someone is more likely to remember your smile than your clothes. About six times as likely, in fact.

Maybe you’re spending your time before the party brushing up on your conversation topics. That’s better, but people are still twice as likely to remember your smile as what you said.

And all the things you were hoping to convey with your clothes and conversation? Your success, your intelligence, and your friendliness–people likely pick that up from your smile.

An Accessory for Every Occasion

Do you want an accessory that can go with every outfit? One that’s easy to dress up for a formal party or dress down for a work function. How’s about one that you wear for clubbing with the girls or an intimate date. Pretty much the only accessory that works for virtually any occasion is a smile.

And here’s the best thing: no one is going to call you out for wearing it all the time. It’s not even seasonal–you can wear it no matter the weather.

Wake Up Beautiful

No matter how many time somebody captions their selfie, “woke up this way,” we won’t believe it. But with your new, beautiful smile, it can be true. Just rise and shine and you can be ready for whatever life has to offer.

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