Porcelain Fillings are Strong, Safe Alternatives to Metal Fillings

dental-fillings-sanjose-losgatosHave you been told that you have cavities and you need to get fillings? Are you concerned about both the appearance and the negative impact of using metal fillings? Fortunately, there are many alternatives to metal fillings. One of the most popular is white fillings that are designed to look almost exactly like your teeth. There are a number of reasons that using porcelain fillings may be more beneficial than using metal fillings.

It’s about more than just looks

Obviously, white fillings are the filling of choice any time that the tooth is involved that can be easily seen. No one wants to have metal fillings that contrast with the color of their teeth when the cavity is in the front of the mouth. However, there are additional benefits to using these alternatives to metal fillings. For example, white fillings are often stronger and better able to completely protect the tooth that has already been compromised than are metal fillings. This is vitally important in order to stop the process of decay that has already occurred in teeth when cavities are present.

It’s better health

While metal fillings are the most cost effective option available, they are also not as effective as other solutions that have occurred in recent years. Metal fillings were virtually the only solution for cavities several decades ago and as such, people who were suffering from cavities had virtually no choice but to use these types of fillings. However, there are many options that are available today and white fillings are one of the most effective options that can provide both the health benefits and the cosmetic benefits that many people are looking for.

Don’t put fillings off

It is vitally important to get fillings any time that a cavity is present. Putting off the procedure will only make the cavity worse and cause additional tooth decay. In some cases it may lead to the complete loss of the tooth or to other complications such as infection, inflamed gums and gum disease. Therefore, getting fillings in a timely fashion is essential to good oral health. If you are considering getting fillings, speak with your dentist and find out if white fillings are the answer for your oral health concerns. You may be surprised at how much more effective white fillings are and what a good alternative they are to traditional metal fillings.

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