Snoring is more than just a sound. It’s a sign that your body is not getting enough air when you sleep. This is part of the reason why it’s potentially a serious health threat.

But for many people, it’s the sound that brings them in looking for treatment. Snoring sounds can be very disruptive. And people who are looking for treatment of their snoring may be surprised to learn that they have sleep apnea. They may also be disappointed with a a sleep apnea treatment like an oral appliance or surgery that doesn’t address their snoring problem.

Fortunately, there is a sleep apnea treatment that can resolve your snoring and your sleep apnea, without surgery and without an invasive mask.

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Why Treating Sleep Apnea Might Not Cure Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnea are complex conditions, and their overlap is also very complicated. People can be snorers without having sleep apnea, and people who have sleep apnea are not always snorers.

That’s because snoring can occur anywhere in the airway, from the nose to the throat, but many treatments focus on a specific region. Most oral appliances address snoring and sleep apnea in the throat region. By repositioning your jaw and/or tongue, oral appliances work to open up the throat. There are some oral appliances that focus on snoring and sleep apnea caused by the soft palate, but these don’t work well because they’re poorly tolerated–they make people gag.

Sleep apnea surgery is even more focused. Sleep apnea surgery typically focuses on one specific region in the mouth or throat. Snoring surgery can focus in these areas, or work to widen the nasal passages to resolve snoring in that area. But no one wants to have two or three surgeries to try to resolve their snoring.

Why the DNA Appliance Is Different

But the DNA appliance has an advantage over other sleep apnea appliances. It doesn’t just try to reposition the jaw or tongue. The goal is to reshape the airway so it will remain open while you sleep.

The DNA appliance can be even more effective against snoring because when it reshapes the roof of the mouth, it is also reshaping the floor of the nostrils. This can open up the nasal airways without surgery. The result is that you end up with an open airway from your nostrils down to your throat.

As a result, the DNA appliance can resolve snoring no matter its source. That means that you’ll be able to rest easy–and everyone in the house can, too.

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