Why you should spend more time thinking about dental implants vs dentures

blog-implants-appleIf you have missing teeth, it is time to take a close look at your false teeth options. In the past, you would have been forced to choose between learning to live with massive gaps in your mouth and getting dentures. Dentures are notoriously uncomfortable, prone to slippage, and have a decidedly “old timer” connotation.

Here are several reasons why you should spend some time looking at the advantages of dental implants vs dentures.

1. More durable

Dental implants hold up to everyday usage far longer than dentures. If looker after properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. So, while implants are pricier than dentures, they are often a better investment.

2. More comfortable

Dentures slip, fall out, and cause soreness. Implants, on the other hand, behave like your natural teeth. And since you don’t have to worry about them falling out at inopportune moments, you will feel more comfortable socially as well as physically.

3. Less maintenance

Dentures require you to remove them, clean them, and adhere them to your mouth. Dental implants don’t require extra maintenance. Once they are in your mouth, you can pretend that they are your natural teeth and brush and floss normally. 

4. Less bone loss

Without the support of teeth, you jaw bone deteriorates.  Since implants function just like normal teeth, you don’t experience the bone loss you with with dentures, meaning your mouth stays healthier and your face retains its support structure, helping you to look as young as you feel.

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Dental implants are a better way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. To learn more about dental implants, download our free e-book, “Cosmetic Dentistry is for Everyone” or ask your dentist if dental implants are a good choice for you.