Do you need a dental crown?

crown-gap-in-toothDo you have a chipped tooth? Do you have too many cavities on a single tooth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be a candidate for same day Cerec crowns. Same day crowns are an easy and efficient way to repair damaged teeth in just five steps, making it easy to get back to enjoying your life.

How do same day crowns work?

Unlike traditional crowns where a number of visits to the dentist are required to carry out the process of installing the crown, same day Cerec crowns are a modern way of treating damaged teeth.

Once your tooth is examined and determined to be a candidate for a Cerec crown:

  1. The decay will be removed.
  2. A 3D image is generated with the special camera that can be seen right on the monitor.
  3. The image is then sent to a milling unit where diamond coated burs make the crown from ceramic.
  4. The crown is put in a glazing oven to harden it.
  5. The crown is then to your tooth.

All of this makes for an easy five-step process that is truly revolutionary and efficient.

Get your same day crown done in San Jose

A cosmetic dentist san jose or a dentist who can install dental crowns bridges cupertino will be able to treat the affected tooth and perform the crown instalment. It’s important to schedule an appointment with a professional who has the right tools to have the tooth examined. You’ll be able to ask necessary questions and will also have the process explained to you so you can know what to expect.

Many people continue to receive traditional crowns and endure the long process of having it installed, which can take an average of a week’s time. This can often interrupt everyday life and make it difficult to maintain a normal schedule. With same day crowns, the dentist respects the patient’s schedule and works to install a secure crown that is comfortable and functional. Instead of being hesitant and putting off the need of a crown, you can now have it done in just a day’s time without having to take off multiple days of work.

Do You Need a Crown? We’d Like to Know

Do you have a decaying tooth? Have you been planning on getting a crown? We’d love to hear your story and learn more about your situation. You can also ask questions related to same day crowns to learn more about the process. My free e-book, “Cosmetic Dentistry is for Everyone” is also available to download to become more educated on cosmetic dental treatment.