crooked teeth, oral health, san jose, los gatos, cupertino, campbell, monte sereno, saratoga, santa clara, ca, If you have crooked teeth, you may have thought about getting them straightened so you’ll have a nicer smile, but wonder if it’s worth it for a “cosmetic” treatment. Did you know that crooked teeth may be bad for your oral health?

Cosmetic dentistry very often has health benefits as well, and that’s because crooked teeth can start a cycle of problems that can lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

Straight teeth are easier to clean

Toothbrushes and dental floss are designed for teeth that are straight and properly positioned. Crooked teeth can be tricky to clean, and clean between. A primary cause of gum disease is improper brushing and flossing that allows food particles to be left behind. When you have crooked teeth, it’s more difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene, so the risk of gum disease is greater.

Your bite is important

Crooked teeth can change your bite. Your bite is the way your teeth come together, and, if it isn’t correct, you may experience pain or other symptoms. A bad bite can cause your teeth to wear down or even break.

The jaw connection

TMJ – the temporomandibular joint – is a problematic joint that allows jaw movement. Issues with TMJ are common, and crooked teeth and bite changes can trigger TMJ symptoms. Headaches, neck pain, difficulty opening the jaws or popping sounds when you open your mouth are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

A straight smile is a happy smile

If you think about the way teeth are meant to be positioned, it’s easy to see why having crooked teeth can cause problems, beginning with cleaning your teeth and ending with the possibility of worn down or broken teeth. Pain from improper jaw movements, toothache and TMJ-related headaches can all be the result of crooked teeth.

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If you thought your teeth just needed cosmetic improvement, call for a consultation appointment to find out how getting straighter teeth can improve your health as well. Being happier about your smile is great for your self-esteem and emotional health too. Any way you look at it, straight teeth are good for you.