ways to change your smile, san jose, los gatos, cupertino, campbell, monte sereno, saratoga, santa clara, ca If you’re not happy with your smile, you have many options. Do you have crooked teeth? Would you just like your teeth to be whiter? Maybe you have teeth that you don’t like the shape of, or just one problematic tooth that’s slightly chipped or off-color. Today, cosmetic dentistry is widely available to anyone, and it can do wonders.

Here are three dental procedures that can completely change your smile:

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can make a dull smile dazzling. It’s a simple procedure that can be done in one office visit. Professional whitening is more effective and faster than at-home whitening products because the products used by a dentist for whitening are stronger, but they’re safe because they are being used by a professional in an office setting.

2. Veneers

Dental Veneers cover the front of the teeth that show when you smile. They are thin and made of either porcelain or composite materials. Veneers can change the shape of your teeth, fill in gaps or cover cracks or lines. You can choose veneers in a particular color, so you can match your other teeth, or make your front teeth whiter with veneers.

3. Implants

Dental implants are more than a cosmetic procedure because they replace teeth that are already lost or that are so badly decayed that they are beyond saving. Missing teeth can have health impacts as it becomes more difficult to chew food properly, and the gaps missing teeth leave behind are more difficult to keep clean. For someone who has already lost teeth or has teeth that are blackened from decay, replacing them can have major cosmetic benefits as well.

Dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth, several teeth or all of your teeth. Because dental implants are fused into your jawbone, if properly looked after, they can be a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help improve your oral health

Virtually every cosmetic procedure has health benefits as well. Decayed and missing teeth are bad for your oral health, so getting them repaired or replaced gives you a healthy mouth in addition to a more attractive smile.

When you get a cosmetic procedure and walk away with a great smile, it can boost your confidence, and, maybe, inspire you to take care of your teeth and get dental checkups regularly, which helps to keep your oral health in top condition.