3 Things to know when choosing an oral appliance for a sleep disorder

oral appliance for sleep disorder, san jose, los gatos, campbell, cupertino, monte sereno, saratoga, The purpose of an oral device is to keep your airway open by either repositioning your jaw forward or preventing your tongue from shifting to the rear of your mouth and blocking airways.  Before you hop in the car to get yourself one, it’s vital that you have a thorough sleep study and health assessment completed to determine exactly what sleep disorder is affecting you. 

If an oral appliance for sleep disorders is an appropriate option for you, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a device. 

1. Get a custom fit

The oral appliance your friend uses may not be a correct choice for your situation. Your oral appliance needs to be designed to treat your sleep disorder and must be custom fitted for your oral cavity structure. A poorly fitted device is uncomfortable and can cause mouth sores or pain. A mass-produced oral device will not fit as well as a custom crafted device will.

2. Make it ajustable

Adjustable appliances are highly recommended, as they do not need routine adjustments that rigid appliances need and they allow for more accurate positioning of the jaw. If a patient with a rigid device fails to visit their dentist to maintain proper adjustment, teeth will shift and move out of place. This causes the device to fit poorly and reduces the effectiveness.

3. Your sports mouth guard won’t work

3. Over the counter mouth guards, or custom made sports mouth guards, are not designed to treat sleep disorders. They are used to protect player’s teeth while competing in sporting events not as an oral device for sleep disorders. These and other home remedies are not recommended as they could worsen the problem or damage your teeth. 

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