Sleep Apnea Hypertension Infographic

It’s just a few weeks since we wrote about the , so why are we revisiting it now with an infographic? Simple. This Is Important and hypertension are two potentially deadly health conditions. Their tendency to occur together and reinforce one another can make them even more deadly. It’s important that people Read More

What the Hype Doesn’t Tell You about Snoring Exercises

We’ve come to understand the importance of . It’s no longer considered just a joke. It’s a serious condition. There’s the link to , which is a potentially deadly condition. But in and of itself, snoring is also recognized as a serious threat. It’s a sign that you’re not breathing properly, but it Read More

Early Death for Those with Gum Disease, Lost Teeth

There are many great things in life, and we all want to have time to enjoy them. Well, it turns out that one of the smartest things you can do to try to give yourself that time is to take care of your teeth. That’s because a new study highlights the link between gum disease, Read More

You Don’t Need To Be a Celebrity To Get a Movie Star Smile

When we look at photos of celebrities snapped by paparazzi as they head to yoga class or leave the grocery store, sometimes they look just like us. Outside of the red carpet, it can be heartening to see our favorite movie stars and musicians wear jeans and t-shirts and looking like normal people. But one Read More

Tooth Loss Linked to Higher Dementia Risk

As a practice, we at Top Down Dental understand that your oral health can have an important and sometimes surprising influence on the rest of your your health. One of the most dramatic examples of this is the connection between tooth loss and dementia. We have long been seeing evidence of this link, Read More

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