Have you ever noticed the paradox of local anesthesia? It will make you numb, but first it hurts. The sting of the anesthesia is much worse than the needle.Then there’s the time you have to wait for anesthesia to take effect–if it does. The good news is that these problems can be easily fixed. Anutra buffered anesthesia doesn’t sting, and it takes effect much faster and more reliably.

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Benefits of Buffered Local Anesthesia

If you’ve been unhappy with the experience of local anesthesia injections in the past, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of Anutra buffered anesthesia. Buffered local anesthesia leads to a better experience with:

  • Less injection discomfort
  • Faster numbing
  • Deeper numbing
  • More reliable numbing

Buffering anesthesia eliminates many complaints people have about the experience of getting a local anesthesia injection.

Don’t Get an Acid Injection

Why does normal local anesthesia sting so much when you get an injection? It’s because it’s acidic. The acid is used to stabilize the anesthetic–usually lidocaine with epinephrine. It’s similar to making pickles, except the acid is hydrochloric acid, not vinegar. But local anesthetics are typically more acidic than pickle brine–perhaps 100 times more!

So it’s not a surprise that this can be painful when injected.

Anutra allows us to buffer–neutralize–the acid in the anesthesia before injection. That way you experience less discomfort following injection.

Faster, Deeper, and More Reliable Anesthesia

Anutra logoBesides pain, acidic anesthesia has another problem: your body can’t use it when it’s acidic. The body must first neutralize the anesthesia before it can take effect. This slows down the anesthesia effect.

But the body is also working to eliminate anesthesia as soon as it’s injected. For some people–especially people with high levels of anxiety–the body can burn away the anesthesia almost as fast as it’s neutralized. This makes it hard for them to get numb–they may need additional injections.

And if the anesthesia is being eliminated even as it’s being neutralized, it can’t penetrate as deeply into your tissue. You’ll need more injections to achieve numbness deep in your jaw.

But with Anutra buffered anesthesia, the local anesthetic starts to take effect right away. It can take effect so fast that we don’t have to leave the room to wait while you get numb–we can get started almost immediately. And you’ll enjoy the deeper effect, which means better numbing with fewer injections.

A New Technology for Effective Buffering

The idea of buffering local anesthesia isn’t new. Some of the key studies on the practice are more than 40 years old! The problem has been how to implement it in the dental office. It’s hard to mix anesthesia with just the right amount of buffering on the spot–it takes time and eliminates the convenience. But if it gets buffered early, anesthesia will spoil.

That’s what makes Anutra a great innovation. It’s a technology for quickly and precisely buffering anesthesia so it can be done in the moment. That way you can truly enjoy the benefits of buffered local anesthesia.

Would you like to enjoy the speed, comfort, and reliability of buffered local anesthesia in San Jose? Please call (408) 354-5600 today for an appointment with Dr. Nehawandian at Top Down Dental in Los Gatos.